Android Studio is the most widely used IDE for Android Development. An IDE can definitely boost up your development if you know how to use is properly. If you knows the basic shortcuts and tweaks, your development time would definitely be reduced.

Android Studio have a stack full of shortcuts which are hard to remember and applyy, So you must learn some basic one.

Here, In this post i have listed some of the basic shortcuts which i think a beginner should learn for fast development.

  • Ctrl + Alt + L => It Re-format the whole code (Java as well as XML)
    (if applied on selection it formats the selection).
  • Ctrl + Tab => It opens the switcher so that you can swtich between open windows inside the studio.
  • Ctrl + + & Ctrl + – => Expand and collapse single block where the cursor lies
  • Ctrl + Shift + + & Ctrl + Shift + – => Expand and collapse the whole code.
  • Alt + Insert =>
    • Override methods
    • Getters & Setters etc


Other shortcuts

  • Breaking a long string into lines
    String test = “This is a test string which” +
    “is very long”;
  • Surrounding statements with try catch block.
    Suppose this is your statement
    int x=20;
    To Surround this statement within try/catch block you just have to type a period button(.) and press enter.