While creating android application you might encounter a situation where you works with the Sqlite Database for storing data in an android device. This database is very helpful in storing the data on the users mobile phone itself. But as a programmer it become difficult for you to test the database. So you can use adb shell to view the contents of table inside your database. You need to perform these steps in order to achieve that:

open your sdk folder.
Mines is located at


now open platform-tools


There may be many devices connected to you pc or different emulator running, in order to
view the no. of device connected type the following command
adb devices

Now connect the shell to the device

adb -s emulator-xxxx shell

You database is located inside databases folder which is present inside your package

cd data/data/package-name/databases/

now run sqlite3 command in order to use your database

sqlite3 database-name.db

Now you can control run queries like SQL