Skycure, a US based company, announces that more thatn 500 million devices(about 65% devices) are affected from a malware known as Accessibility Clickjacking. They revealed information on this malware at the 25th RSA conference which is the world’s biggest cyber security event.

This Malware can bypass various type of security scans like the scans based on signatures, static analysis aproaches and dynamic analysis approaches.

Which means if you are an android user then your data is probably at stake or is easily penetrable for the hackers.

This malware can be easily used to modify the permission remotely so that the hacker become in charge of your device and is free to do anything with your data. He can get access to your emails, documents etc.

This malware gives the authority to hacker to monitor you in real time

Skycure said “Accessibility Clickjacking can allow malicious applications to access all text-based sensitive information on an infected Android device, as well as take automated actions via other apps or the operating system, without the victim’s consent”

The most likely to be affected by this malware are the devices in betweenAndroid 2.2(Froyo) to Android 4.4 (KitKat)