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Spinner Example in Android Studio

Here I share you Very Simple Example of Spinner.
1) Let’s we start from xml file “Spinner.xml” .Code is..
Continue reading “Spinner Example in Android Studio”

Viewing SQLite DataBase Content | Android Studio

While creating android application you might encounter a situation where you works with the Sqlite Database for storing data in an android device. This database is very helpful in storing the data on the users mobile phone itself. But as a programmer it become difficult for you to test the database. So you can use adb shell to view the contents of table inside your database. You need to perform these steps in order to achieve that: Continue reading “Viewing SQLite DataBase Content | Android Studio”

Table Layout Example | Android XML

Table Layout positions its children into rows and columns.The table will have as many columns as the row with the most cells. A table can leave cells empty, but cells cannot span columns, as they can in HTML. Continue reading “Table Layout Example | Android XML”

Pull a File From Android Emulator | Android Studio

In this tutorial you will learn about pulling and pushing a file from and to the Android Emulator. It’s a very easy task and can be done in by following the two steps: Continue reading “Pull a File From Android Emulator | Android Studio”

Shortcuts in Android Studio

Android Studio is the most widely used IDE for Android Development. An IDE can definitely boost up your development if you know how to use is properly. If you knows the basic shortcuts and tweaks, your development time would definitely be reduced. Continue reading “Shortcuts in Android Studio”

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