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Accessibility Clickjacking – A Malware in Android Devices

Skycure, a US based company, announces that more thatn 500 million devices(about 65% devices) are affected from a malware known as Accessibility Clickjacking. They revealed information on this malware at the 25th RSA conference which is the world’s biggest cyber security event. Continue reading “Accessibility Clickjacking – A Malware in Android Devices”

WhatsApp dropping Support for Blackberry, Nokia and some Android Devices

WhatsApp will no longer support BlackBerry, some Nokia phones and some Android which are having older version of Android OS.

This action will be taken by the end of this year so from 2017 no BlackBerry user will be able to use this apps also the Android Phone users will have to upgrade their mobile if they want to use this app. Continue reading “WhatsApp dropping Support for Blackberry, Nokia and some Android Devices”

GraphView Library Tutorial in Android

Let’s we  create Graph in Android with the help of GraphView .
Step 1) First we create new project in Android studio Name is ” GraphViewExample”
then, download  the androidGraphView library jar file.
 GraphView-4.0.1.jar Continue reading “GraphView Library Tutorial in Android”

Accessing Data Folder of Android Device using ADB Shell

While creating application with database and shared preferences sometimes a programmer wants to directly edit the data for testing purpose to make your testing easy. Thats why Android Studio has Android Device Monitor which opens the file system of your currently active Android Virtual Device (AVD) Continue reading “Accessing Data Folder of Android Device using ADB Shell”

Zoom Transition|Android Animation Tutorial

I want to share background animation in profile image.
Lets we start animation….Profile background animation just like a  other application. Continue reading “Zoom Transition|Android Animation Tutorial”

SMS Verification of User by OTP

SMS Verification is a great way of registering a customer as its time saving. You just have to type the phone number and a verification message with OTP (One Time Password) is sent to them which is automatically read by the application. Thats why this feature is gaining popularity and most of the application are adding it to their registration process. Continue reading “SMS Verification of User by OTP”

Sqlite Database Tutorial in Android

The following tutorial is an illustration of saving data in the SQLite database in Android which automatically comes with Android OS. In this tutorial we are inserting some details of Employees in the database. Using SQLite is very easy because you don’t need to establish any connetion like JDBC and ODBC.

Steps Involved:

1. Create a xml file to create layout: activity_main.xml
2. Create a model class of an employee: EmployeeDetails
3. Create a class to handle the database operations which will inherit ‘SQLiteOpenHelper’:
4. Create a main activity class to call the database operations:

Continue reading “Sqlite Database Tutorial in Android”

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